‘I Don’t Fall, I Dance’ proudly announced

‘I Don’t Fall, I Dance’ proudly announced

KRO-NCRV and  Big Blue proudly announce the new feelgood drama series “I Don’t Fall, I Dance,” Based on the Book by Margot van Schayk. 

‘I Don’t Fall, I Dance’ tells the story of a young woman in a hurry to make the most of her life. This four-part miniseries is a co-production between Big Blue, KRO-NCRV, and the German ZDFneo and is expected to air on NPO in early 2025.

A Whirlwind Life Story

‘I Don’t Fall, I Dance’ narrates the whirlwind life of Emma. We meet her as she finally begins to live. During her early years, Emma was terminally ill, which she miraculously survived against all odds. Filled with vitality and a healthy dose of urgency and dark humor, we follow her for twenty years. She devours life with all she has, taking us from Utrecht to New York and from the fields of Portengen to Amsterdam. The illness returns three more times, but Emma refuses to let go of her zest for life and her loved ones.

From the Creators of ‘The Crash’

The powerful storyline about the zest for life makes this series an ode to life and a promise of inner strength and hope. KRO-NCRV and Big Blue previously collaborated successfully on the Golden Calf-winning miniseries’The Crash’ about the Bijlmer plane crash. Eva Aben (Luizenmoeder, Ten Minste Houdbaar Tot) wrote the series, and Simone van Dusseldorp is director (Dit Zijn Wij, Klem, De Droom van de Jeugd). KRO-NCRV will announce the cast at a later date.

Big Blue producer Fleur Winters:“We are incredibly proud to bring this personal yet very universal story to life in collaboration with KRO-NCRV and the German broadcaster ZDFneo. From the beginning, our goal was to create a light, feel-good drama series about a subject that concerns us all: how do you live knowing there’s a high chance you won’t grow old? Along with a dedicated and highly ambitious crew and cast, we have already completed filming in the Netherlands and New York and look forward to the final phase of the production process.”

Sandra Hilster, media director KRO-NCRV:“With this special series, we aim to contribute to the dialogue around a disease that unfortunately affects both young and old. We hope that viewers will be inspired to embrace life, as often the small things in life make the biggest difference.”

 [foto credit Mark de Blok] 

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