The Crash announced

The Crash announced

KRO-NCRV and production company Big Blue are producing a five-part drama series about one of the most controversial air disasters of the twentieth century: the Bijlmer disaster in 1992. The Crash is a reality-based thriller and will be released autumn 2022 by the KRO-NCRV on NPO 1. The drama series is a large-scale conspiracy thriller about the disaster itself and the many questions and mysterious events that held the Netherlands in its grip afterwards.

Drama series The Crash – What went wrong?

On October 4, 1992, a Boeing 747 of the Israeli airline company El Al crashes into an apartment building in Amsterdam’s Bijlmermeer, the Netherlands is suddenly world news. The investigation into the cause shows that a safety pin has come loose from one of the engines. Just very unlucky. The Hague says that it fortunately was a freight plane with only perfume, flowers and computer parts on board. The black box cannot be found. After a period of national mourning, the Netherlands returns to business as usual.

But in the months that follow, pets get sick and residents and rescuers get medical complaints. Could it be that there was more on that plane, is anyone holding anything back? A young vet from the Bijlmermeer and two journalists from competing newspapers are not going to let it go. Searching for answers, they find themselves in a six-year battle with the aviation world, the government and secret services. Ultimately, their search leads to the much-discussed parliamentary inquiry in 1998. What went wrong? Who has failed? What had to be kept secret?

Thriller based on actual events

Rampvlucht is a series by production company Big Blue, which focuses on high-quality and ambitious drama series for a broad national and international audience. Founder and CEO Fleur Winters previously worked for Lemming Film, among others, where she made the vampire series Heirs of the Night an international success. The reality-based thriller is written by creator Michael Leendertse (Van God Los, Ares, Vliegende Hollander). The direction is in the hands of director Lourens Blok (Story of the Netherlands, Vechtershart, Boy 7) and co-director Edson da Conceicao (Last Ride, Porfotto, The Death Show).

“We are proud to be able to make this series for the NPO in collaboration with KRO-NCRV, 30 years after the Bijlmer disaster. In close collaboration with the passionate creator Michael Leendertse and a fantastic creative team, we make an exciting and relevant thriller that leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat from start to finish.”, says Winters.

The Crash, released autumn 2022 by KRO-NCRV on NPO 1

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