Big Blue

Dome 16

10 x 20' (3 seasons)


Thomas Seeberg Torjussen

Torden Film (NO)

Big Blue


Global Screen


Selection Berlinale Co-Pro Series 2020

The year is 2138. Anton is fourteen and lives in a dome: a human-engineered environment large enough to house a small city. The dome keeps pollution and radiation out, and the life expectancy inside is 160 years. Outside, it’s just 60 years. Only a few percent of the world’s population can afford to live in domes.

Anton is a bright and well-liked kid, on track to make his family proud. But he is also tired of being good and amid a raging, confusing puberty. Emma lives on the outside of Anton’s dome. She’s fourteen too, and belongs to a clan comprised of her extended family. As a child, sometimes Emma accompanied her mother into the dome, where she got some part-time work. Emma used to dream of living like the kids inside. But lately, she’s been feeling a radical, righteous anger. And that anger, that indignation, is shared by many communities on the outside.

Emma and Anton meet in the first episode. Dome 16 is their dramatic love story.


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