Big Blue

Don’t fall, dance

4 x 50'


Eva Aben

Simone van Dusseldorp


In Production

When Emma is twelve years old everything changes. Her parents split up, she moves to another city with her mother, she starts at a new secondary school and becomes life threatening sick for the first time. Her teenage years are abruptly taken from her as it takes her five years to defeat her tumor. After having lost complete control when thrown to the mercy of her cancer and doctors, Emma decides never to voluntarily hand over the reins again.

She is going to live life to the fullest on her borrowed time and in order to do that she must live fast and hard, turn crazy corners and do the unexpected, all with a wry sense of humor. Because life isn’t about impossibilities, it’s about finding the impossible, looking it straight in the eye and making it work. Her tumor tries to stop her three more times during the course of her life, but she refuses to let him take her under and if he does it’ll be on her terms. This series is an ode to life and a promise of internal inner strength and hope.

Don’t fall, dance is based on the book Ik val niet, ik dans written by Margot van Schayk.

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