Big Blue

The Crash

5 x 50' (limited series)

Thriller (based on actual events)

Michael Leendertse, Thomas van der Ree

Melvin Stewart

In Development

October 4th, 1992, 18:36. A Boeing 747 crashes onto two jam-packed residential high rises in the Amsterdam Bijlmermeer. Burning residents jump from their balconies, families are torn apart and rescue workers try to find their way through the thick smoke, searching for survivors underneath the rubble. But they find none. It was an Israeli cargo plane, passing through the Netherlands on its way from New York to Tel Aviv.

Four journalists embark on a search that will take up over six years of their lives and put their careers and their credibility on the line. A highly relevant thriller series based on true events, centered around one of the most controversial disasters in Holland of the 20th century.

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